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Discover our complete selection of very cheap articles for two of the most famous dances in Spain, Flamenco and Sevillanas: Fans for Flamencas and Sevillanas (plain, coloured and polka dot fans), Spanish Castanets, Flamenco Necklaces, Earrings and Bracelets, beautiful, colouring and flashy Tassels for Flamencas and Sevillanas, Hair Flowers, spectacular and colouring Flamenco Shawls for both Woman and Girl (plain, embroidered with beautiful flowers and polka dots), Manila Shawls, Small shawls in all colours for Flamencas and Sevillanas, Flamenco Combs for both Woman and Girls, fabulous fake eyelashes, beautiful Flamenco costumes, Skirts, Leotards and Shoes for performing Flamenco and Sevillanas. A wide and complete cheap selection of costumes and accessories for flamencas. Amazing Flamenco Shawls for Woman and Girls. Spanish Manila Shawls, (for girls and woman), in all colours, two-tone, plain or embroidered with different Spanish motives such as flowers or long tassels. We provide the perfect and essential accessories for all the typical Spanish costumes such as Folklorica, Andalusian, Sevillana, Flamenca, Faralae, Gitana, etc. Colours: Flamenco shawls in red, black, white, turquoise, blue, green, brown, yellow, orange, fuchsia and pink. Sensational designs for Flamenco costumes, Dresses and Skirts for Woman. Spectacular and impressive Spanish typical models that can be worn as Costumes. Dresses and Flounce Skirts for Flamenco and Sevillanas, in black and with red, white, green, orange, blue, fuchsia polka dots. Flounce Leotards with polka dots in the sleeves, in all colours, fantastic for Spanish Dance Ballerinas. Great value for money in shawls, skirts, dresses and leotards for Flamencas. Infinite variety of Combs, great to create the most stylish look for Flamenco. The comb is one of the most important accessories of the Flamenco costumes. We provide it in all colours and styles: red, white, black, pink, fuchsia, green, purple, turquoise, blue, yellow… Is impossible to choose just one! Large catalogue full of combs, Spanish castanets and flowers for flamencas. Beautiful Flamenco earrings for woman, plain or printed with polka dots. Large ring traditional and classic design. Great for Flamenco jewellery and to be worn in the Feria. Fantastic variety of colours: red, fuchsia, pink, purple, burgundy, green, blue, black, yellow, orange, turquoise… Flamenco earrings in all sizes: mini (for girls), small, medium, big and oval shaped. Gorgeous Flamenco Necklace and Bracelet sets. Beaded Flamenco necklaces and bracelets in all colours: yellow, orange, red, fuchsia, pink, peach, coral, green, light blue, blue, brown, black, grey, white… Great to complete a very stylish Flamenco look!

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