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In FANTÁSTICA, you will find a huge variety of accessories to customize all your Carnival costumes. Spectacular masks and eye masks, venetian masks, elegant eye masks in red, black, silver, gold, purple, blue, green, decorated with lace, flowers or glitter... Fake beards, moustaches and sideburns. Amazing catalogue full of colourful ties, sashes and bowties. Funny accessories for the most colourful time of the year! Axes, swords and some other weapons ideal to customize your warrior or soldier costumes. Funny glasses. Tridents, lances, medieval weapons... We have everything for you to be the star of any party! Claws and fake fangs for your werewolf and vampire costumes. Truncheons to personalize your police costume, magic wands for fairy costumes, globes, red noses for clowns, pirate kerchiefs, microphones, syringes to customize your nurse costumes, knifes, fake tails for all our animal costumes, religious accessories, flower garlands, funny hats, latex accessories and colourful hairbands. Cowboy hats, pirate hats, Indiana Jones hats, Cordovan hats, Andalusian hats... We provide a wide variety of feather fans and feather boas available in all colours: red, green, pink, fuchsia, blue, black, red, orange, yellow, white, lilac... Colourful boas for all your Can Can costumes, Burlesque costumes, Bellydance costumes, Cabaret costumes, Charleston costumes, shows and performances! Amazing catalogue full of colourful tutus and suspenders. Wide selection of feather fans, available in all sizes and colours: red, white, black, yellow, pink, blue, green... Impressive selection of Carnival make-up, lipsticks, fake eyelashes, glitter, eyeshadows, crayons, hairspray available in all colours... Cheap Carnival accessories. Low cost accessories for Carnival, Gay Pride, birthday parties, live shows, performances, Halloween, parties, sport events... We have it all!! Come on! What are you waiting for to display all your charm and magnetism in all your parties?

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